Mayven Missbehavin

Amanda Mayven Missbehavin Jacobowitz eating fire

My Story

I have been a performer my entire life! It has always been something that has come naturally, but I also have had several years of training. My training consists of; vocal training, chorus, acting training (Bravo and through high school school), training in various dance styles, gymnastics and aerial arts training, fire safety and eating training, and burlesque. There is nothing greater than capturing my audience and having them FEEL something. My style has developed and I consider myself a variety/vaudeville circus performer. I have also been producing shows for close to five years now. I absolutely adore being on stage and creating a lasting memory for my audiences.

I continue to train in flexibility, aerial workshops, vocal training, dance classes, etc. There is always room for growth! My biggest recent accomplishment was producing and performing in my first international show. I have been featured in national and international magazines for PinUp and burlesque. I love to travel and work with a variety of unique performers. I also give back as much as possible to the LGBTQ community and anything involving women empowerment, animals, and children

Mayven Missbehavin


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