Matthew Siekbert

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My Story

I started this business to help people achieve their goals. the picture to the left shows me at nearly 300 lbs. I was depressed and would run out of breath walking to the refrigerator and back to the couch. One day I decided I had had enough and decided to make a change and that resulted in the person you see to the right. A changed man inside and out. I decided to open this gym and training facility to help you achieve your goals in a less traditional and boring style of atmosphere. Know that you won't be judged, intimidated, or looked down upon because I too was in an unhealthy situation once in life and I created this facility for you! Come let us help change your life, all of our trainers have been through an ACCSC accredited institution with nearly 400 hours of classroom study as well as 200 hours of hands on training in a gym.

Pack Animal Fitness

Come join the pack and train with the professionals for real results!
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