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Mandy Keyes Community Cafe

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I'm the owner of Community Cafe at 2444 Central Ave in St. Pete! come visit me for a healthy, fun and delicious experience!

Community Cafe

Want to become a part of your favorite cafe? Want to help make important decisions about menu, decor, and events? Then check out Community Cafe, an awesome collaborative cafe in St. Pete!

Our mission is to cultivate a welcoming, comfortable, and safe space that becomes your home away from home. We’re very excited to offer a menu full of delicious meals with veg-friendly options served until late. Whether you want an alcoholic beverage or coffee, our comfy environment is a great place for lunch, getting some work done, or playing board games with friends as an alternative to the bar scene.


Business Phone: 727-222-6979

Business Email: [email protected]

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