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My Story

Ever since she was little Lele has had a vivid imagination. Her mother called them dramas, but she called them adventures! She loved reading books and imagining real people turning into characters with great powers.
When she turned twenty, Lele studied Cinematography and animation and began to work as a producer for Kraftlogic Studios. She loved producing but the hours and the stress were insane. A year later, Lele had her fourth heart attack and a Pacemaker Surgery. Maybe it was the morphine... or the SUPERNATURAL marathon, but she saw her attack as a “You might want to start living your dreams” sign, so she opened her bucket list and BOOM!
There it was, #1 Write.

And so she did. With the love and support of her family, Lele moved to LA where she interned for Dino De Laurentiis Company at Universal Studios and studied Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy. There, she met talented and incredible artists of all kinds and slowly started drifting towards her first love…books. A few years later, Lele moved to Canada where she began to write her first series SEASONS WITHIN and after a year of craziness, Lele found two phenomenal editors and signed her YA fantasy series with Acorn Publishing. Now, Lele spends most of her time writing, drinking insane amounts of coffee with a fellow writer, hanging out with her loved ones and practicing MMA and Muay Thai.

Published Author

Author Lele Iturrioz published Book One of her Young Adult Fantasy Series "Seasons Within" in 2016, with her fans anxiously awaiting Book Two in Late 2017


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