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Barrett School of Music

Voice and Piano Teacher, offering private music lessons.

Here at The Barrett School of Music we pride ourself on the well-rounded nature of our studio. Teachers in our studio either hold music degrees or are currently working towards completing either a B.A in Music or a B.A in Music Education. We believe that the balance of education and performance experience is critical to being both effective teachers as well as musicians, thus, illuminating the importance of hiring instructors who preform regularly. The instruments that we instruct here at The Barrett School of Music are Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. In addition to weekly lessons, we offer a variety of performance opportunities, workshops, summer camps, master classes and much more throughout the calendar year to allow our students to apply and musical knowledge that they obtain in our both private one-on-one and group lessons. Regardless of age, skill level or depth of study of the student, we are here to help you set your own musical goals and fulfill them!

We understand the meaning of Family and the benefits of having music in the household, but we are not blind to the difficulties in making music lessons a part of the weekly schedule. For this reason we offer In-Home Private Lessons to make the joys of having a musical house easier. Let Us Come To You!


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