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John Barie Architect

John Barie Design LLC

John’s career accomplishments represent a unique combination of skills and experience. He has designed projects valued at over $500 million in the USA and in six other countries. His work includes mixed-use residential/commercial/retail, single & multi-family residential, adaptive re-use and historic preservation. As the design director for two national home & new town builders he has played leadership roles in creating new village communities. He has experienced development from both the consultant side and the owner’s side of the table. As a leader of the Congress for the New Urbanism and the America Institute of Architects John is a spokesman who excels at communicating design ideas, planning principles, and the importance of community.
What we do:
■ Visioning ■
■ Concept sketching ■
■ Development & Entitlement Consulting ■
■ Traditional Residential Design ■
■ Place-making in the urban environment ■
■ Neighborhood, Town & Village planning ■
■ Retro-fit of Towns & Neighborhoods ■

Why we do it:
We can no longer afford the sprawl of suburbia or the blight of urban wastelands, either economically or socially. We seek to reconstitute prosperity of individuals & families and viable future for our towns and villages: our communities.
Buildings, neighborhoods, and towns should function in a way that maximizes social interaction, economic and cultural vitality, spiritual development. Ultimately this will lead to a higher quality of life and sustainability.
Truly sustainable design must be rooted in and evolve from adaptation to local climate. The primary objective of the design of new buildings and the adaptive reuse of older ones is to create a cultural permanence inspired by well-crafted, and beloved structures of enduring quality.


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