Jodi Hansell Herczeg

Jodi Hansell Herczeg


CEO - Sqwize by R2D Beverages Corporation

The Ready to Drink market is the new craze in beverages. It combines quality with convenience. We have pouches, boxes and kegs of amazing beverages that are ready to drink. No fuss - just fun. It is truly just pour over ice and enjoy. You can add garnishes or other mixes if you wish. Its all about whether you are in the mood to fiddle with it or just pour and drink.

Sqwize is a cutting edge beverage company that makes craft natural cocktails. We focus on having the best ingredients. We also focus on convenience and portability.

Our current products include:

Fresh Agave Margarita - no more simple syrup, sugar and chemicals. This is fresh and portable in a to go pouch or can be enjoyed as a catered item.

Mai Tai - we went old school on this one but are using organic agave. Put some mint in as a garnish or shake it with your favorite fruit.

Hamptons Iced Tea - The Long Island Iced Tea has made a major come back. We have used all natural ingredients and are not adding cola. It is sweetened with Agave and you have the choice to add a little cranberry juice, cola if you want to keep it retro or any other type of mix that suits your taste. You can also just pour it over ice.

Red Sangria - This beautiful nectar of the Spanish Gods comes right from Spain and is utterly delicious. Its the real deal. The winery that makes it is older than the US.

White Sangira - Made by the same winery, we are using a slight amount of cane sugar so that everyone can decide for themselves how to drink it. You can also just pour it over ice and enjoy.

There will be more where this came from. Where will you find Sqwize?

1) Liquor stores.
2) Gas stations in states where it is legal. Beer is not the only option when you are buying items for the cooler for boating, camping and other activities.
3) Catering. Sqwize caters cocktail parties.
4) Sqwize events. Like us at Facebook/Sqwize for invites.


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