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I’m a teacher, author, mentor, and coach on the mindset and skills for making the most of this amazing life. I’ve spent the past two and half decades studying human behavior, motivation, and peak performance from beautifully diverse vantage points: as a professional entertainer, recovered alcoholic, dating service owner, financial planner, fire-walking personal development scholar, and personal coach. So when people ask where I gained the insight and wisdom to lead people in advancing their lives, I can proudly say, “In the field, day in and day out, with some of the best individuals and experts in the world.” I’m the author of three books: A Financial Minute, Living The Promises, and Head To Heart. I believe that getting back to the amazement and wonder that we were born with is the first step in bringing our dreams to life, that everyone has genius, and that gratitude and aspiration are not mutually exclusive.


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