Jen Vuhuong

Entrepreneur Social Club enjoys the Sweet Chaos of Hanoi Vietnam on Thursday May 31, 2018 with ESC founder Michael Scott Novilla

My Story

Author of 5 books: 'Nonstop loving living and giving', 'The Goal Achiever', 'Unleash Your Passion', 'The YOU journal', 'Leadership development journey'

#winner of International speaking contests in Malaysia, Vietnam and the US Embassy;

#most passionate personal development coach/trainer and international speaker; Jen has spoken at different personal development events in Malaysia, Spain, Thailand and the UK;

#best performer award of Masters in International Management in the UK (2016-2017); Business Innovation and Technology Management (2013-2014);

#best performer at Dell (2015) partner and Samsung (2013);

#scholar of the world top scholarships - Erasmus and British government Chevening;

#founder of EmpowerLeaders Academy (Be The Leaders, CSpeaking Gym, Start with Green program); co-founder of HEC - Hanoi Entrepreneur Community;

#trainer of EYI public speaking academy and Institute for strategic LEADERSHIP development research, the US Embassy

#sport lover- winner of arm wrestling competition at university and top marathon runner in Penang, Malaysia.


Author, Speaker, Personal Development Coach and Trainer.


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