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Hello :)

I love helping people, animals and the planet, I do this through http://www.GoodThinkingTV.com and https://www.youtube.com/GoodThinkingTV

I like doing all the usual things my fellow couchsurfers do: travelling, exploring, reading, chatting, etc etc.
My world view has changed in the past few years, mainly due to age but living away from parents and family in general has been a real eye opener. I think we sometimes take on the view point of our parents or loved ones without realising it, which can be detrimental to the way we live our lives. I love the freedom and peace of mind getting to explore the world all by myself :) I'm such a big girl! :)
I try to look at life's situations in a positive light as there is always something to learn especially through the difficult times, and I am slowly realising that it's easier to go with the flow than to push against it.

I'm vegetarian (and occasionally vegan and raw), I decided to get rid of my TV in 2007 and it really feels great!
I highly recommend it!

Before running my own business I enjoyed spending time with friends, reading, walking (I love being out in nature), health and science conferences and so on. Now I don't have much of a life as I work constantly!
When this hectic period of my life has settled my plan is to definitely travel to countries I have never been before and get back to learning Farsi, Spanish and Urdu. I will also dive into my delicious book collection; reading and travelling, what a beautiful combination :)

I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world, just as well as my house is like a train station!


Welcome to GoodThinkingTV, where I hope to inspire, inform and support!
My videos are all about shedding light on misunderstood topics, to open minds & hearts, and make this world a better place.
I want to INSPIRE by motivating and providing insight into what's going on in this world.
I want to INFORM you about subjects, people, projects and places that you may not be aware of, and to show that we all have the same basic needs, no matter where we geographically come from.
I want to make a difference by SUPPORTing people, communities, charities, ethical businesses and animals!.
And I want to show you that anything is possible!

These are unstable times which is why we have to band together even more, we have to help one another and take care of this beautiful planet that we live on.
I love people and I want to create a world wide community of kindness, compassion and joy.

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