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My Story

I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years although deep down I probably always was. I have a passion for helping people make better financial decisions and happened upon the student loan industry over 16 years ago. I learned the rules and regulations and learned how to help people manage their debt properly. I even completed my dissertation on the proper management of student loan debt. I also understand and assist people with building their credit to achieve financial freedom.

Being self-employed successfully for over 10 years allowed me to start helping others to start their own business. I started the Jump Program to consult with clients to assist in coming up with viable business ideas, setting up LLC's and so much more.

My other passion that I have had since a child is interior design and home management. My self and my business partners just started Property Investment Management Pros (P.I.M.P) to help people turn their homes or investment properties into spaces they loved and themselves or others enjoyed living in while maximizing their income potential. Ask me to show you photos of the most recent property I completed. They will blow you away!

Degrees of Success/Property Investment Management Pros LLC

Student Loan and Credit Management, Business start-up consulting, Interior Design and Short-term Property Management and much more!


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