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Interstate Orthodontic Lab

At Interstate Orthodontic Lab, we specialize in servicing the needs of small and mid-sized orthodontic practices. Our quality and service is tailored specifically to those orthodontists and staff that want individual and personal attention. Interstate Orthodontic Lab does not work with large corporate owned or managed dental practices. When you call Interstate Orthodontic Lab, your call is answered by a live technician who can answer any question, at any time. No phone tree, no holding, no transfers. We here at Interstate Orthodontic Lab take pride in making sure every appliance fabricated needs little or no adjustment. If it takes our technicians 20-minutes to save your practice 5-minutes, we do it. Anything we can do to make our client's life easier, we will do. We want you to feel special, because when you are an Interstate Orthodontic Lab client you are special to us!


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