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Socialite and entrepreneur , Dona Crowley is known for her creative styling in women’s fashion , runway show production, and event design. Her experience in the industry has led her to produce the fashion forward publication, VM Magazine. Dona is often called an entrepreneur extraordinaire for her ability to create, develop, and run small businesses. Dona has over 15 years experience in business development and is known for her ability to develop unique business concepts, create marketing campaigns, and produce some of the areas largest “fashion for charity” events such as Tampa Bay Swim Week, St.Pete Art & Fashion Week and Cars & Couture.

LUXE Fashion Group LLC

LUXE Fashion Group LLC
Owner · 2007 to present
Advertising, Marketing, Branding, and Event Production.
Signature events include Cars & Couture, Naples Motorfest, St.Pete Art & Fashion Week, and Tampa Bay Swim Week.

Cars & Couture
Owner · 2009 to present · Tampa, Florida
Automotive and fashion concierge sales, service, reviews, media, marketing and special events.


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