Christy Brown

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My Story

Christy is a licensed Mental Health Counselor by trade and quickly learned that people improve from a mental health sandpoint if they are active and working. Christy founded Placement Works in 2001 with the goal of placing the most significantly impaired people with disabilities into jobs. Placement Works has successfully placed over 3,000 people with jobs, with that list growing daily! It's Christy's mission to continue to serve the Tampa St. Pete area by matching talented job seekers with disabilities to our Tampa Bay area employers.

Placement Works

Placement Works is known throughout the Tampa Bay area as a leader in providing professional job placement services for people with this disabilities. We have a unique skill set in matching talented clients to their respective employers with an 82% retention rate. We pride ourselves on achieving successful business partnerships with thousands of Bay Area Businesses. Our services are free and we truly believe there is a job for everyone!


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