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Hello I'm Christopher Pinault, Founder of Centric Leadership, LLC a people-centered leadership training and development organization. I am a certified coach, trainer, and a leadership development specialist that works with individuals, teams, and organizations assisting them in maximizing their human potential by refocusing on the importance of both values and people. My passion for psychology, neuroscience, and leadership theory fuel my goal to improve the quality of life of others by increasing their self-awareness and the quality of their human relationships resulting in improvements in the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, & Profit).

The world is going through a shift in leadership styles and the need for forward thinking leadership is at an all-time high. Some even call it a crisis. My experience has allowed me to witness this first hand. Peoples values are changing. What worked before may not work or is becoming ineffective.

I have a very firm belief that servant leadership, self-awareness, and people-centric cultures are the key to lasting success in both individual and organizational settings. With over 10 years in leadership roles and 7 years creating and delivering training for employee engagement and development, I noticed there was a need for more people focused leadership. Inspired by this insight, Centric Leadership, LLC an organization refocusing on the development of people, for individual and organizational success, was born.

I can never resist a conversation about concepts and theories, especially those that cannot be proven, and have always loved the word ‘Awesome!’

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