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Anaelena is a writer from Mexico City and moved to Florida 3 years ago. She describes herself as a wordsmith; a storyteller with a passion for words. Ana enjoys entertaining and making people happy with her stories while connecting business and clients through her written skills. She believes that words can be very powerful and create sexy and engaging messages when crafted with passion and aimed towards the right angle. She is an entrepreneur currently running Bodhana Studio, her Content Creation and Media Management Company in St. Pete.

Ana has B.A. in Communications, a Master Degree in History of Modern Arts, a Teacher's Degree for English Language and has more than nine years of editorial experience. She began her journalism journey back in 2008 at the biggest newspaper in Mexico City and one of the most important printed media in the country. She was a Sub-editor and Senior Writer for the international gadget magazine, Stuff, one of the most read technology magazines over the globe. Her last corporate job was as an internal communication analyst for Citigroup where she also was in charge of translating documents and editing the company magazine.

Ana has knowledge in the marketing and PR field and has experience in many communication areas and has lead projects with diverse roles such as: Content Creator, Independent blogger, Proofreader at an Art and Culture magazine, Contributor Writer, Creative Copywriter, Community Manager.

Proactive. Initiative and leadership. Working under pressure. Ease to design and implement projects. Critical thinking. Angle detection. Capacity of synthesis and selection of appropriate content. Developing strategies and creative resolutions. Ease of expression.


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